#savetheanimals // Animals In Black it is a self-financing project and, therefore, requires economic funds for livelihood. The work behind it is enormous and does not only concern the development of photography but also travel, equipment and hours of work. Fundraising, therefore, takes place through the sale of AIB material, ie photographs, calendars, tutorials, t-shirts. gadget and advice. A part is then invested in the project and a part collected to make the necessary donations.

“A day without Photography is a day without Emotions!”


Help us to protect them!

“To love and respect Nature and consequently the Animals means to Love and respect Life and consequently the Man.” Gian Luca Partengo

#savetheanimals // Animals In Black in short, it is not only a personal creative work but, above all, an important project for the protection of animals in danger of extinction.

The project is self-financed and YOU can directly contribute to the protection of animals by supporting AIB . Just a little … thank you!!

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