I knew that sooner or later I would have watched, it was only a matter of time. Finally, his eyes pierce my lense and I was distracted in anticipation and forced to act. I pressed with trepidation and I noticed immediately that the expectation was infinitesimal, absent, nothing. I don’t realized the peremptory intercede the dials of my watch, and they both lived the hope and we were instant. I realized the love, I realized their purity, I realized our inadequacy, I understood the meaning of photography. #savetheanimals // Animals In Black

“A day without Photography is a day without Emotions!”

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Animals In Black

Walking in Nature, observing an animal, its beauty and its particularities, allows me every time to immerse myself in the silence of my thoughts and reflect on the relationship between us and them. Pure souls, instinctive, fragile and devastating, unique, important, belonging to a world (the same as ours) with which we have created an intrinsic and devastating rupture aimed at devastating consequences.

We can, we must remedy! Such as?

Becoming aware of the importance of the thing and acquiring existential humility. The design is broader, the picture is different from how one imagines it. We are part of the ecosystem, we are not superior to it, let alone creators; we are one species.

For species we mean the fundamental biological units in the global classification. Speaking of plants and animals, it is estimated that there are 2 million known but that, considering those unexplored parts of the planet as the deep sea and the tropical forests, the number could rise between 5 and 100 million. So, before wondering if we are alone in the Universe, perhaps it would be appropriate to assert “We are not alone on this planet!

The common well-being inevitably passes through theirs that derives from the global equilibrium of the Earth. This is undermined, every single day, by man-made actions. Not only is it a proponent of discoveries and wonderful creations, it is, in a dichotomous way, the cause of habitat destruction, illegal trade, poaching, pollution and climate change. All of this puts the rest of the inhabitants of our planet in greater danger.

Compared to the past, the species are extinguished at a speed about 100 times higher, ergo, we must act with force and timeliness, NOW! To do so we must safeguard those in danger of extinction, defend biodiversity in all forms but, above all, mend the clean tear that we have created with Nature, rebuilding the relationship of harmony with the environment.

The governing body of reference is undoubtedly the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). It provides public, private and non-governmental organizations with the knowledge and tools that enable human progress, economic development and nature conservation to be achieved together.

According to their REDLIST estimates, there are more than 26,000 endangered species that are more than 27% of all species evaluated. Below is the legend of the conservation status.



[NE] NOT EVALUATED: No evaluation was made
[DD] DATA DEFICIENT: Little information to evaluate
[LC] LEARN CONCERN: At relatively low risk of extinction
[NT] NEAR THREATENED: It will probably become vulnerable
[VU] VULNERABLE: High risk of extinction in nature
[EN] ENDANGERED: At very high risk of extinction in nature
[CR] CRITICALLY ENDANGERED: At extremely high risk
[EW] EXTINCT IN THE WILD: It survives only in captivity
[EX] EXTINCT: No surviving individual

This my work is dedicated to them, all of them, as a form of personal gratitude but also as a means of promoting its essence. However, not just shots, but a meticulous and sought after work between creative virtuosity and fundamental techniques.

I put all my experience as a professional at disposal of these portraits, first to emphasize (as much as possible without upsetting the reality) the subject and his own personal beauty and, secondly, as a hallmark of my artistic and professional signature.

Anyone observing these works must be overwhelmed by chills and sensations that, through a careful look, must convey the message through the soul to the heart in order to understand, understand, love and respect every single living being.

#savetheanimals // Animals In Black is, ultimately, not only a personal creative work but, above all, an important project to protect endangered animals.

What is it, then the purpose? Collect money needed for donations to those organizations that have the means, power, desire and duty to save animals such as WWF and National Geographic. Help me to collect these funds, give with your heart and save them.

I chose the WWF and the National Geographic because I am already a donor and because they have the best programs ever for the protection of tigers. The minimum annual donation required to guarantee a decent health package is € 1,360 divided as follows: € 360 WWF and € 1000 National Geographic. My personal monthly contribution is: € 15 to WWF / TX2 Tiger Protector Program

You can do it in three simple ways, you choose, but … please, do it! Even your conscience will thank you … thank you!


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