Gian Luca Partengo is a award-winning Artist and Photographer from Turin.

He was born in Turin in 1972 and started working in 1995 as a garden designer. Later he specialized in creative marketing, he studied at the University of Computer Science in Turin and at the IED. He has worked for important agencies and companies in Northern Italy and has always been involved in creativity, marketing and design.

“A photography without post-production, though beautiful in its essence, it’s like a movie presented without sound, editing and arrangement.”

Gian Luca Partengo

Gian Luca Partengo Photography

Gian Luca Partengo Photography

He came to photography in 2010 and since then, after developing his own distinctive creative and professional mark, he has created an artistic genre that is part of his award-winning “Animals In Black” collection, where he has invested all his experience and his love for the animals and nature.

An all-round artist, an excellent designer and an atypical and unconventional photographer whose passion for photography and nature coexist and become a lifestyle, relying on a perfect symbiosis between photographer and portrait subject. What is striking about his photographic style is all that lies behind research, preparation and technique, but above all affect the message and the soul of each portrait.

Demanding and meticulous is his work that takes place before the shooting: research of the subject, of the place, of the propitious moment. It takes the technique, of course, but with a marked personalization and a lot of creativity. Post-production work is also fundamental, between virtuosity and technique. All this to get to the message, trying to extrapolate the soul and the essence of the subjects portrayed by emphasizing them and emphasizing their beauty. The observer must be overwhelmed by chills and sensations, with the ultimate aim of understanding, understanding, loving and respecting every single living being. He has won and has had many awards and prizes always in the field of nature photography that has become a reason for personal and professional life.

He is currently working on the creation of a photo-scientific book in collaborations with Turin academics. The work will focus on the delicate issue of safeguarding animal species.

Awards & Pubblications


Hippopotamus ViewBug | Monthly Pro Vol 39 Photo Contest Winner
Hippopotamus ViewBug | Finalist at Colossal Wildlife Photo Contest
Hippopotamus ViewBug | Won Contest Finalist in Colossal Wildlife Photo Contest
Symphalangus syndactylus Nikon Italia | Published in their official Facebook page and ADV campaign
Hippopotamus IPA (International Photography Awards) | Honorable Mention | Wildlife Category
Hippopotamus ViewBug | Won Pro Photographer of the Month Contest


Black Animals Collection Px3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris) | Won Silver Winner | Wildlife Category
Shelob N Photography (Sprea Editori) | Published in the Magazine nr° 63
Rhinoceros Digital Camera (Sprea Editori) | Published in the Magazine nr° 176
Black Italian Stallion N Photography (Sprea Editori) | Published in the Magazine nr° 59
Black Lemur Digital Camera (Sprea Editori) | Published in the Magazine nr° 173


American Staffordshire Terrier ViewBug | Won First Prize | I’m A Bully Photo Challenge


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