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it is a project aimed at protecting endangered animal species, around 26,000 out of over 2 million known species!!
By species we mean the fundamental biological units estimated around 2 million known but that, considering the unexplored parts of the planet as the deep sea and the tropical forests, the number could rise between 5 and 100 million. “We are not alone on this planet!“

“To love and respect Nature and consequently the Animals means to Love and respect Life and consequently the Man.”

The importance of biological equilibrium necessarily passes through personal awareness and the social rehabilitation of ancestral values lost. We have forgotten the individual purity by raising the ego so much to forget that on this planet, unique and wonderful we are not ALONE!
Gian Luca Partengo | Weener, Artist, Photographer, Poet e … Man.

Introduction to #savetheanimals
The photo-scientific project

This work, composed of post-produced naturalistic photographs, is dedicated to wild animals, all of them as a form of personal gratitude but also as a way to enhance their essence. I constantly collaborate with natural parks, bioparks and specialized reserves where natural habitats are reproduced with care, professionalism and conscientious dedication. Every year, because of the devastating climate changes and above all because of man, a number is always higher and higher, it risks total extinction. This determines the drastic reduction of wildlife and, increasingly, new species in nature. Ultimately, not only a personal work of creative naturalistic photos, not only a cataloging as an end in itself but, above all, an important project for the protection of endangered animal species.

Animals In Black | Animals Photography
Animal species portrayed

Naturalistic photography, the heart of the project and a viaticum for the creation of this work, is undoubtedly a way of life and not just a technical style or a photographic genre. As a nature photographer, I think that what really counts is not only the winning of a prestigious award as the intrinsic message of every single shot made of love, a lot of patience and in absolute harmony in the context of the natural environment. When they ask me how I can make such shots, which tools are used and what are the techniques, I always answer the same way: -“Love, respect and patience.“- Technique and tools are important but, in general, always remember that it is essential to respect the environment and the animals that live there, always! The images (not in black and white but on a black background) are divided according to the scientific definition of CLASS and, within them, you can find information sheets for each animal portrait, technical data and EXIF ​​data of the photo created in pure AIB STYLE (Animals In Black) like melanistic animals.


It may be that some species are indestructible, but it is not! Compared to the past, the species are extinguished at a speed about 100 times higher, ergo, we must act with force and timeliness, NOW! To do so we must safeguard those in danger of extinction, defend biodiversity in all forms but, above all, mend the clean tear that we have created with Nature, rebuilding the relationship of harmony with the environment. The IUCN REDLIST, established in 1948 is the largest database of information on the status of conservation of every animal and plant species of the Planet. The technical and scientific data are collected and analyzed by many expert zoologists and botanists who lend part of their scientific work to IUCN in a totally free way. THANK YOU!

[NE] NOT EVALUATED: No evaluation was made
[DD] DATA DEFICIENT: Little information to evaluate
[LC] LEARN CONCERN: At relatively low risk of extinction
[NT] NEAR THREATENED: It will probably become vulnerable
[VU] VULNERABLE: High risk of extinction in nature
[EN] ENDANGERED: At very high risk of extinction in nature
[CR] CRITICALLY ENDANGERED: At extremely high risk
[EW] EXTINCT IN THE WILD: It survives only in captivity
[EX] EXTINCT: No surviving individual

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The loss or extinction of an animal species is certainly not to be underestimated in terms of biological and cultural, sentimental balance. Bodies like WWF and National Geographic (you can find others mentioned in the donation page), have the task of reducing the threat, sensitize governments and encourage communities to safeguard. How can I achieve these goals? First of all thanks to a targeted and powerful communication, but above all by raising funds necessary for the cause. #savetheanimals // Animals In Black does this and does it through but focusing on a camera. However, it would take an incredibly large focal multiplier to reach the target, which means collecting the amount of € 1360.

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